ArtsSyVille Foil Adhesive 4oz
ArtsSyVille Foil Adhesive 4oz

ArtsSyVille Foil Adhesive 4oz

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Foil Adhesives are the "glue" for Metallic Foils!
These adhesives will dry to a firm tack and allow you to have a great transfer with our foils. The ArtsSyVille Foil adhesive works on just about every surface except fabric. 
You will love ArtsSyVille Foil Adhesive, it only takes one coat - this alone will save you time and money. Apply one coat using a low-nap roller and allow to dry to a firm tack (approximately 1 to 2 hours - longer in high humidity areas) and apply your foil for a near flawless release. Soap and water clean-up.
Note: Our 'DecoFoil' adhesives are for Textile projects, i.e., clothing, fabric, home decor
ArtsSyVille Embellishments Foil Adhesive is permanent transfer adhesive that works on just about any surface except fabric. You can use it on wood, paint, furniture, walls, crafts, etc. Use with our Metallic Foils to quickly and easily add a foil finish to you projects. Step 1 - Apply a base coat of paint to project that is complimentary to the foil color you are using and allow to dry. Step 2 - Apply one coat of the Foil Adhesive to your surface by brush or roller. The material dose not self-level, so apply in one direction and try to smooth out your brush strokes. Step 3 - Allow the Foil Adhesive to dry for no less than 1 hour. It will dry to a firm tack and will never dry beyond this firm tack. Step 4 - Once dry, place foil, color side facing up, on top of the adhesive surface. To transfer, rub the foil with a soft rag and/or a plastic bristle scrub brush. Slowly peel back foil sheet away to see if you have enough transfer, if not, place foil back down and scrub more. Step 5 - Protection: Foils need to be protected, make sure to apply at least one coat of you favorite top coat & make a sample first to see how the top coat effects the foils sheen.