Blu-Hemian Rhapsody - Paint Couture - ReMix Collection

Blu-Hemian Rhapsody - Paint Couture - ReMix Collection

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The CeCe ReStyled ReMix Color Collection by BY PAINT COUTURE PAINT COMPANY

Six (6) custom curated colors that make my heart happy.

Paint Couture is a Zero VOC, water-based, 100% Acrylic resin paint. It is a self priming, Décor, Furniture and Cabinet paint. Paint Couture has a great adhesion capability to existing painted or varnished surfaces and has a non-yellowing formula!

With Paint Couture there is usually no sanding and no priming, just a thorough cleaning. It is easy to apply, it is super smooth and lays on very flat with little to no brush marks. The dry look is a matte finish and As it is 100% Acrylic paint it becomes very hard and very durable, it's actually 4x harder than the average chalk-style paint.