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Not Alcoholics Tumbler - 20oz

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These stunning hand-crafted Tumblers are coated in layers of FDA compliant-Food Safe epoxy that gives each tumbler high shine and a glass like smoothness. This epoxy also prevents the cup from peeling or shedding glitter. Each tumbler is hand crafted with a long, multi step process. 

Tumblers are Quality Vacuumed insulated, double walled stainless steel tumbler. Keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. Each hand-created tumbler comes with a sliding lid and a reusable straw.

HAND WASH ONLY ~ Hand Crafted in Idaho

**Please also note that these are 100% handmade, there may be a stray piece of glitter here or there, there may be stubborn tiny air bubbles that slip by.. these are not machine made, and like all of us, may have tiny flaws. But, as I said, I will never send anything out that I am not proud of!
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