Serenity Damask Stamping Roller (Handle Sold Seperatly)

Serenity Damask Stamping Roller (Handle Sold Seperatly)

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Stamping Rollers are a great tool for imprinting the design onto a surface. This surface can be, and not limited to - walls, furniture, wood and fabric. 

The Roller is made of a durable, soft rubber and are easy to clean after being used. They measure 7 inches across (not including the silver pins) and approximately 2 inches in diameter. The Stamping Roller is meant to be used with the Roller Applicator & Handle (Sold Separately) to allow you to interchange your roller designs!

Cleaning: Rinse with warm soapy water, no harsh chemicals as they may degrade the integrity of your roller.

**Warning: These rollers are not intended for use on "slick" surfaces like plastic or a gloss wall. If surface is too slick, the roller will have a tendency to slide**